Log 01 — The Four Japanese “Alphabets”

01. Romaji — basically useless if you want to learn proper Japanese (not used in Japan, and therefore you shouldn’t use it either), can become a hindrance further in the learning process. “Romanization of Japanese” ie. Sushi, Sake, Karate etc.

o2. Hiragana — this one is important! Rounder, more ‘feminine’ shapes. Used for words that do not have Kanji, difficult Kanji, Particles (and, or) Suffixes (-san, -sama), verbs and adjective inflections.

03. Katakana — sounds the same as Hiragana but sharper symbols. Used for foreign or “borrowed” words, Scientific words, onomatopoeia, Emphasis (used the same way as italics are used in English, eg. if you were to use italics, you would use Katakana as opposed to Hiragana), Food (used in menus)

04. Kanji — originally came from China, many different pronunciations (Chinese and Japanese). Kanji is a large part of the written Japanese language (200o characters = comfortable) and is used for nouns, adjectives and verbs. “Vocabulary words”

Not going to lie, I’m more scared than ever of Kanji after this, but also more excited that ever! The “alphabets” have been super easy to understand and a lot of things make so much more sense now that I’ve had it explained to me instead of just googling random things. I don’t think there’s much else to add to that, all of it is easy to understand — the hard part comes next.


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